Abdou El-Bermawy

Abdou El-Bermawy is a painter and writer based out of Cairo. His body of work focuses on the human form, interaction and internalization of experiences. Bermawy’s paintings often feature emotive eyes whose gaze leaves no doubt to his subject’s mindset and outlook, alternately vulnerable, longing and fatigued. He considers play to be critical to his practice, and while Bermawy’s bodies convey an emotional intensity his style is such that his own playful spirit pervades his oil and mixed-media paintings.

Bermawy graduated from Cairo University in mid 90s, and pursued higher studies in Political Science. He is a human rights activist, advising the Egyptian Initiative for Human Rights and other democracy-advocating organizations and groups. He lives in Cairo with his little family.


Portraits of Stella, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo , 2009
Subway Dwellers , Onishi Gallery, New York, 2015
Doha, 2017